Five'r Rides

Following the success of last seasons, FIVER rides the Garigal Gorillas are excited to announce that we will be kicking off our second session in only a few weeks, so get excited! 

FIVER rides are club run events throughout daylight savings, bringing our community of riders together on set Wednesday nights to do what we all love and ride bikes through our amazing trail network. 

This social ride series will see each ride set at a unique location, with a unique signposted route on intermediate to advanced trails. Each route will be selected to ensure everyone can comfortably finish before sunset to ensure we can all enjoy apres kindly put on for us by one of our amazing local business sponsors.

We are all about FUN for everyone, so this year you will see different starting options for the ‘pinners’ who want to ride shoulder to shoulder and smash it out, and for  the ‘social’ riders, just out for a cruisy ride full of banter and laughs. We will also have an option for you to sign up to a guided ride for those who haven't ridden the trail before or feel more comfortable having someone to ride with.   

We have heard your feedback and this year we will post the locations for the whole series before we kick-off to give you heaps of time to sort out work, home and other responsibilities to ensure you can join as many FIVER rides as possible.  

FIVER Rides are about supporting our local trails, bring a $5’er for the trails. Donations go towards protecting our trails through trail advocacy work and official maintenance on formal trails.



1 23 October 2019

Location: Mt Narra

Sponsor: MyRide Narrabeen

Short loop (Blue Square) 

Long loop (Black/Blue)

2 6 November 2019

Location: Bantry Bay

Sponsor: Gravity Sports HQ

Short loop (Blue Square) 

Long loop (Black/Blue)

3 20 November 2019   

Location: Belrose, Twin Peaks

Sponsor: Canopy Care Tree Service &

                     Joe’s Mountain Bike Tours

Short loop (Blue Square / Black Diamond)

Long loop (Black/Blue)

4 4 December 2019

Location: Mt Narra

Sponsor: Property North Agency

Short loop (Blue Square / Black Diamond)

Long loop (Black/Blue)

5 18 December 2019

Location:   Terrey Hills BMX

Sponsor:    DHaRCO

Short loop (Blue Square)

Long loop (Black/Blue)

6 15 January 2020

Location: Deep Creek, Narra

Sponsor: Bicycles Online

Short loop (Blue Square)

Long loop (Black/Blue)

7 29 January 2020

Location:     Belrose, West Garigal

Sponsor: SIC bike

Short loop (Black Diamond)

Long loop (Black)

8 12 February 2020

Location:     St Ives, West Garigal

Sponsor: Cyclery Northside

Short loop (Black Diamond)

Long loop (Black)

9 26 February 2020

Location:  Terrey Hills BMX

Sponsor:   99 Bikes

Short loop (Blue Square)

Long loop (Black/Blue)

10 11 March 2020

Location:   Manly Dam

Sponsor:   Manly Cycles

Short loop (Blue Square)

Long loop (Blue with black features)



To keep it interesting and fun, each FIVER Ride takes you on a unique route on Northern Beaches mountain bike trails. Become a member, follow us on Facebook and lookout for event invitations two weeks before the each advertised date for venue and up to date ride details. 


A Garigal Gorilla membership is required to participate in any Garigal Gorilla organised ride and must be completed online before your first ride for insurance purposes. Membership covers you not only for Fiver rides but for ANYTIME you are out on the trail as well as for any other mountain bike events around the country. It  also helps GG with trail access/advocacy on the Northern Beaches. Even more benefits can be found here.

Not yet a MTBA member or a Garigal Gorilla member? Easy, become a member, get insurance and more benefits here.

Already a MTBA membernot yet a Garigal Gorilla member? No problem, get a dual membership for just  $10 / year here.

Already a MTBA member and a Garigal Gorilla member? Great! Follow us on Facebook and lookout for event invitations two weeks before the next FIVER Ride for details about the next ride. We look forward to seeing you there. 

For details on each event and to RSVP, go to the Garigal Gorillas MTB CLub Page


Make sure your bike is in good working order, if unsure get it checked by your local bike shop.

Helmets are Mandatory: Mountain biking can be hard on the body so please ensure you’re looking after your most important asset and wear a helmet!

Bring water, tube and repair kits just in case…

Due to the technicality difficulty of our trails, FIVER Rides are for intermediate and advanced riders. We will announce the area we are riding two weeks before each ride. Please assess if the area we are riding each week is at your skill level before signing up. We may be riding trails you haven't ridden before so please take care, ride within your ability or walk sections if you aren’t feeling confident. We want to see everyone make it safe to the Apres. You can always return at a later date to work on these sections now you know where the trail is!!! 


The ride starts at 6:00pm. If you want to push yourself and ride hard, make sure you position yourself near the front of the pack. If you want to go at your own pace you may want to start a bit further back in the pack so you don’t have faster riders politely asking to pass you all the time. 


Stay on the Trail: As Garigal Gorilla members we do our best to take care of the trails we have so they will last a long time. That means that we always stay on the trail. Cutting corners and riding off trail is not acceptable.

Sometimes the route becomes congested with riders off their bikes. Be patient, wait your turn and eventually you will get going again. Passing: If you are riding along with people behind you, ask them if they want pass. If you notice someone behind you all of a sudden, let them pass you when it is safe to do so. Likewise, if you would like to pass the person in front of you, ask them politely if you can pass them. Make sure it is a safe place to pass, stay on the trail and thank them for letting you by.

Walking your bike: If you are walking your bike and another person is riding their bike, step out of the way so they can continue riding. If you are the person riding on the trail and you come across people walking, call out ‘rider up!’ so they have time to move out of the way. Smile and have fun. 


Food & Drinks at the FIVER Rides would not exist without the support of our sponsors. The sponsors are out there helping with the ride and are there preparing the Apres. They are not obligated to provide food and drink for everyone but most choose to do so. Show your appreciation to the sponsors by only having one serving and thanking them. The après food and drink is in exchange for your $5’er donation towards protecting our trails. 

Are you a local business owner or work in a business that would like to help by sponsoring one of the FIVER Rides or any of our events? Email Us, we would love to hear from you.