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Help Us Expand and Maintain MTB Trails: Donate Towards an Excavator Today!

Help Us Expand and Maintain MTB Trails: Donate Towards an Excavator Today!

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We are excited to share an exciting opportunity that can significantly enhance our trail network and overall riding experience: acquiring an excavator. We aim to raise 30k!

Why an excavator? 

  1. Trail Expansion: With an excavator, we can build new trails, offering more variety and challenges for riders of all skill levels. Imagine exploring new sections of our network, uncovering hidden gems, and creating thrilling descents that add depth to our riding experience.
  2. Maintenance Efficiency: Keeping our existing trails in top condition is crucial for safety and enjoyment. An excavator will enable us to perform maintenance tasks more efficiently, resulting in smoother, safer, and more enjoyable rides for everyone.
  3. Community Benefits: A well-maintained and expanded trail network benefits our club members by attracting visitors and supporting local businesses. More trails mean more opportunities for riders to explore our area, stay longer, and contribute to the local economy through tourism.
  4. Environmental Stewardship: Proper trail maintenance is vital to preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. By investing in an excavator, we can implement sustainable trail design and maintenance practices that minimise environmental impact while maximising long-term enjoyment.

We believe that with your support, we can make this vision a reality. Your generous donation toward acquiring an excavator will directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of our MTB community. Every dollar counts and brings us closer to our goal of enhancing our trail network for current and future generations of riders.

To donate, select an amount below (you can select multiple options) —your big or small contribution makes a significant difference and is deeply appreciated.

Thank you for being part of our GG MTB family and helping us create unforgettable trail experiences!

*If you have a business or work for an organisation that would like to get involved with the club, contact us at to discuss this initiative or other opportunities. 


A huge thank you to all our generous donors! Your support means the world to us. We'll be updating the donor list weekly to ensure everyone gets the recognition they deserve. Cheers!


Daniel Adams

Garth Robinson

James Hall

Keithley Burn

Scott Law

Mathieu MOUI

Marcio Rezende

Nicholas Rees

Mark Griffiths

Jamie Williams

Rich Gearing

Chris Lane

Karl van Hoogenvest

Chris Marriott

Marcin Wilinski

Katrina Burley

Ivan Alonso

Ross Falconer

shae claverie

Mun Ng


Edward Hawkins

James Horton

Jake Iesu

Matthew Williams

Anthony Julien

Marcel van Schie


Raoul Cernaz

Christopher Dowse

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