Garigal Groms Day

Garigal Groms Day

A huge THANK YOU to all for making GG Groms Day so spectacular for the kids last Sunday. You know who you are.......It would be a long list so just mentioning a few from all single track riders & coordinators, shuttle bus drivers / trailer hauler / trailer loaders, all beautiful bakers and cake makers, group ride leaders, a special shoulder masseuse, the world class face painter, bike plates & registration makers, BBQ specialists, wood feature builders, the best bike repair crew, all sticky taping, decorating, marquees setting championsĀ out there...and Thank you all who just constantly asked how could they help.......Thank you for coming, helping and participating!...Your GG Club!

StartingĀ at St. Ives Show Ground from 10am, we had 100 kids coming out to enjoy riding bikes. What a great day for mountain biking on the Northern Beaches and getting kids out on bikes.

Kids putting on number plates at registration.

Amazing turn out of kids and families. Great to ride, be encouraged by others and meet new friends.

Ā Ā 

We had more advanced riders.

Ā Ā 

And beginners enjoying some of the wooden features. With cupcakes for all :)

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My 12 year old son would like to join a MTB club, are there events he can take part in, races or social events and week end rides. He is a competent rider and loves doing the trails around the Northern Beaches

Warren Medley

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