2020 Garigal Gorillas Fiver Rides

2020-21 5'r Rides

Following the success of last seasons FIVER rides, the Garigal Gorillas are excited to announce that we will be kicking off our second session starting Wednesday Nov 4, 2020, so get pumped!

FIVER rides are club run events throughout daylight savings, bringing our community of riders together on set Wednesday nights to do what we all love and ride bikes through our amazing trail network. 

This social ride series will see each ride set at a unique location, with a unique signposted route on intermediate to advanced trails. Each route will be selected to ensure everyone can comfortably finish before sunset to ensure we can all enjoy apres kindly put on for us by one of our amazing local business sponsors.

We are all about FUN for everyone, so this year you will see different starting options for the ‘pinners’ who want to ride shoulder to shoulder and smash it out, and for  the ‘social’ riders, just out for a cruisy ride full of banter and laughs. We will also have an option for you to sign up to a guided ride for those who haven't ridden the trail before or feel more comfortable having someone to ride with.   

We have heard your feedback and this year we will post the locations for the whole series before we kick-off to give you heaps of time to sort out work, home and other responsibilities to ensure you can join as many FIVER rides as possible.  

FIVER Rides are about supporting our local trails, bring a $5’er for the trails. Donations go towards protecting our trails through trail advocacy work and official maintenance on formal trails.

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